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At the turn of the year, the age of majority in West Germany is lowered from 21 to 18. In one fell swoop, the Federal Republic of Germany has two more million adult inhabitants.

Young GDR citizens work on the construction of the “Druzhba“ (“friendship“) Pipeline in Ukraine, facilitating the supply of natural gas from Siberia all the way to the GDR. The pipeline is declared a “central youth object“ by the Free German Youth (FDJ) organisation. Despite the hard work, many young people regard the project mainly as an exciting experience.

Terrorism is the number one topic in West Germany. By kidnapping the CDU politician Peter Lorenz, terrorists obtain the release of like-minded prisoners. With the same aim, terrorists of the Red Army Faction storm the West German Embassy in Stockholm two months later. This time, however, the government remains adamant. Two hostages are killed before the terrorists are overpowered.

What else happened?

The construction of a nuclear power plant is planned in Wyhl (Baden). Demonstrators occupy the building site. The anti-nuclear movement is beginning to form.

The environment organisation BUND is founded by conservationists.

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