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In May, Hungary begins to dismantle border installations along its Austrian border. The “Iron Curtain“ begins to disintegrate leading to a first mass exodus of GDR citizens to West.

In the Czechoslovakian capital of Prague, thousands of East German citizens seek refuge in the West German Embassy. They eventually succeed in pushing through their emigration to West Germany.

More and more people take to the streets in East Germany demanding reforms by shouting “We are the people“. Leaders of the Socialist Unity Party (SED) topple Erich Honecker, but people are not satisfied. The protests continue.

In a press conference held on 9 November, the GDR leadership announces that East German citizens are allowed to travel to the West without further ado, and with immediate effect. Hundreds of thousands of people rush to the border crossings in Berlin. The wall is finally breached.

What else happened?

The Chairman of Deutsche Bank, Alfred Herrhausen, is killed with a roadside bomb by terrorists of the Red Army Faction (RAF).

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